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Band Baja Varat Ghoda- The Latest Song From Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2

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Band Baja Varat Ghoda- The Latest Song From Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2

When two loved ones tie a knot and get married, it is the time of great excitement. And if they all are Indian, then the whole scenario becomes a memorable one. From the music, dances, foods, drinks, decorations and all other shenanigans, the spirit of the wedding is up for weeks before the wedding and of course it’s the highest on the grand day! Such is an excerpt from the famous Marathi song ‘Band Baja Varat Ghoda’ of Satish Rajwade’s latest ‘Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2’.

band baja varat ghoda

The movie is about two people who love each other getting married. The song is all about the wedding spirit and the pre-wedding scene: the bombastic preparations of the big fat Indian wedding. There is a romantic side to the song with simple yet emotional lyrics and a feet tapping rhythm. This song will surely be a main in Indian weddings now.

Towards the ending of the song, the loving groom-to-be clears all his fiancés doubts, prepares her and gets her into the festive mood.

This song has been sung by Bela Shende, Anandi Joshi, Suresh Wadkar and Hrishikesh Ranade. The music has been composed by Avinash Vishwajeet. And the leading actor and actress are Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Brave respectively.

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